About Us


An equitable community that empowers women, girls and gender expansive individuals to live self-determined lives


To ensure that county policies and programs are gender-responsive

Who We Are and What We Do

The Office of Women’s Policy (OWP) is a special department within the Office of the County Executive’s Equity & Social Justice Division, serving as a bridge between County and community to ensure the voice of women and girls is present in local decision-making.  Developed in the spirit of collaboration between the County and the community in 1998, the Office of Women’s Policy is a leading voice in Silicon Valley on the needs of women and girls.

Through analysis, research and strategic collaboration, OWP works to ensure that programs and services, and also systems and policy, support women's leadership, full equality and advancement in the home, at work and in the community.

Everything we do at the Office of Women's Policy is guided by the belief that we must leverage the strength of women and girls to create a local, strong, sustainable economy that is equitable to all.  Our work is structured around three main policy areas that often intersect, and we believe that true gender equity cannot be achieved until all of these policy areas are addressed.

Priority Policy Areas 

  • Economic Empowerment - Improving the economic status of women in Santa Clara County, including women from under-served and vulnerable backgrounds
  • Women and Girls’ Leadership - Increasing the leadership capacity and civic participation among girls and women
  • Women and Girls’ Justice - Advancing gender-responsive, trauma-informed strategies to address the needs of justice-involved women and girls


To ensure that county policies and programs are gender-responsive and meet the needs of women and girls​.

OWP staff

OWP Staff wearing purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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