Ketzal Gómez

Ketzal Gomez Headshot 2020
Management Analyst

Ketzal Gómez was born and raised in San José, attended Evergreen Valley College for a Sociology Associates degree, and transferred to San Francisco State University, attaining a B.A. in American Studies with an emphasis in Women and Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies. She comes from a family of community organizers and artists. As a community leader, Ketzal Gomez has actively fought for the civil rights of workers, indigenous communities, immigrants, LGBTQ+, women, students, and incarcerated individuals.

Ketzal started with the Office of Women’s Policy as a Student Intern in 2014 and officially joined the OWP team in 2018 as a Management Analyst focusing on the offices policy areas of leadership and justice reform. Currently she is the interim Senior Management Analyst for both SCC Office of Women’s Policy and SCC Office of Gender Based Violence Prevention focusing on Justice Reform and Human Trafficking initiatives. 

At OWP Ketzal has led many of the office’s programs including staffing The Commission on the Status of Women, coordinating the Juvenile Justice Gender Responsive Task Force, leading and facilitating the Girls* Advisory Team, organize Strong Girls, Strong Women Youth Leadership Conference, and manage OWP’s Jail Monitoring Program.

Contact Information

2460 North First Street, Suite 220
San Jose, CA 95131
United States

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