Quick Facts on Women and Girls in Santa Clara County

Women make up half the population and half the workforce in Santa Clara County, and make tremendous contributions to our economy and to our community in general.  Yet, how well do we know the women and girls that make up half of the population in our own community?  OWP took a look at the facts.


  • On average, children who do not have access to preschool are less likely to be ready for kindergarten and continue falling further behind on proficiency.
  • Almost 20% of girls in Santa Clara County do not graduate and Latina and Black/African-American girls have a much higher dropout rate than girls in other ethnic groups.
  • Only 25% of bachelor degrees in math and only 22% of bachelor degrees in engineering are conferred to women.


  • Nearly 1 out of every 5 Latinas works in food preparation or service industry.
  • On average, across all occupations, men earn 28% more than women do.
  • Female headed households have the lowest incomes and the lowest income households tend to have women living alone.
  • Green or STEM occupations represent 27% of the Santa Clara County workforce. Men are twice as likely as women to be employed in this sector.


  • The prevalence of overweight and obese women has been slowly increasing since 2000.
  • In 2009, teen birth rates (per 1000) varied significantly by ethnic group with Latinas having 50.5 births, Whites having 6.6, Asians/API having 4.4 and Black/African-Americans having 20.2.
  • The breast cancer incidence rate for women was slightly higher in Santa Clara County than in California overall.

Violence and Crime

  • Girls are more likely than boys to report that they have experienced psychological bullying.
  • During 2011, 795 domestic violence survivors accessed domestic violence shelter services and 1,842 survivors could not access these services.
  • In general, women are incarcerated locally for lower level, non-violent misdemeanors



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