Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative (BA=$C)

Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative (BA=$C)
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Start Smart Salary Negotiation Training- For first-time job seekers who want to negotiate your highest  possible salary and put your skills to the test.

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 Work Smart Salary Negotiation Training- For workers who want to learn how to negotiate for more money and better benefits. 
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The mission of BA=$C is to address the intersection of race and gender with inequities in the workplace through strategic partnerships and education.


Gender Justice Honoree Award

The Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative (BA=$C) was formed in 2012 by federal and local government agencies and community and civil rights advocates to educate employers on their obligations and employees on their rights.   The model collaborative received the Gender Justice Award from the Equal Rights Advocates in 2013 for their efforts to address the wage gap.  The group, which spans the Bay Area from Santa Clara County to San Francisco and the East Bay, engages in joint outreach and education campaigns to address inequities in the workplace.    

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