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Prosperity Lab:

small business models for equity


2022 Equal Pay Update: The Salesforce Approach to Pay Fairness esforce-women-non-binary-hiring-2022/



Department of Labor | OFCCP Compensation Directive

This guidance from OFCCP describes how OFCCP will evaluate federal contractorscompliance with pay equity audit obligations and clarify OFCCPs authority to access and review pay equity audits. (updated 8/18/2022) utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

EEOC Equal Pay Resources

At the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), combating and remedying pay discrimination is a top national priority. Learn more about the federal laws requiring equal compensation. discrimination

Hiring Initiative to Reimagine Equity ( HIRE )

The Hiring Initiative to Reimagine Equity ( HIRE ) is a multi- year collaborative effort by the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) and the U. S. Department of Labor s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs ( OFCCP ) to engage a broad array of stakeholders to expand access to good jobs for workers from underrepresented communities and help address key hiring and recruiting challenges.

Departments of Labor and Commerce Quality Job Principles

The Departments of Labor and Commerce worked together to develop new quality job principles that define a good job.These eight principles create a framework for workers, businesses, labor unions, advocates, researchers, state and local governments, and federal agencies for a shared vision of job quality. The principles include: Recruitment and Hiring; Benefits; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA); Empowerment and Representation; Job Security and Working Conditions; Organizational Culture; Pay; and Skills and Career Advancement.

Department of Commerce Quality Job Toolkit

The Department of Commerce recently published this new toolkit which builds on the Good Jobs Principleswith more guidance on implementing the principles in your firm and has chapters on

Occupational Segregation

The Department of Labor Womens Bureau released a new report in March, Bearing the Cost: How Overrepresentation in Undervalued Jobs Disadvantaged Women During the Pandemic

This report helps quantify how occupational segregation contributes to the gender pay gap and costs women, especially women of color, billions of dollars less in annual earnings.

State Earnings by Selected Occupation, Sex and Race

The Womens Bureau recently published this Employment and Earnings by Sex and Race: Exploring Equal Employment Opportunity Data Map.This data tool may be helpful for a start at general benchmarking data for selected job titles by state, and gender/race:


California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls Resources on Pay Equity

The Commission has published tools and materials to provide a useful starting point for employees, employers, and unions so that we can work towards achieving pay equity for all workers throughout California.


The California Commission on the Status of Women and girlspartners with the Department of Labor on Workplace Rights Ambassador Project (WRAP) Trainings.

Wage Claims

Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (Labor Commission)

Equal Pay Claims

Labor Commission

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Department of Fair Employment and Housing (new name California Civil Rights Department)

Note: The Labor Commission link under Equal Pay claims is for both retaliation and equal pay claims. I t is different from the wage claim (no pay, no overtime, no breaks etc.)


County of Santa Clara Office of Women s Policy

The Santa Clara County Office on Womens Policy provides ongoing education and programming on issues critical to womens economic security. Sign up for their newsletter for updates on additional programs and issues and stay current on events hosted by the Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative.

Workers Rights Clinic at the Santa Clara University School of Law

The Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center (KGACLC) WorkersRights Practice Area provides free legal services to low-income individuals who have experienced unfair and illegal treatment at their place of employment.

AAUW Equity Resources

The San Jose Branch of the AAUW is an active member of the Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative. AAUW publishes helpful information about achieving economic equity for women, including pay equity.

County of Santa Clara Office of Labor Standards Enforcement Legal Advice Line:

866-870-7725 (free employment law advice from lawyers who speak English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog/Visayan, and Mandarin).

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