JJGRTF Role: Co-chair

Description: Co-chairs will foster and manage a collaborative and strategic task force to ensure the Task Force reaches its goals. Co-chairs are anticipated to:


  • In alignment with the task force’s vision, mission, and value statements, offer transparent leadership to foster a collaborative and intentional culture that results in viable policy, practice, and program solutions.
  • Coordinate and convene quarterly general body and monthly Leadership Committee meetings.
  • Fulfills two-year term length responsibilities committing a minimum of 5 hours a month but may go up to 10 hours depending on the task force needs.
  • Serve on the Leadership Committee as a participating member.

Community Connectivity

  • Co-Chairs are respected stakeholder within the county, interacting effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, young people, and other child serving systems throughout the county and state while employing a nonhierarchical lens.
  • Willing to leverage robust social and political county network when necessary to complete key actions and implement advocacy-based solutions that support the task force in achieving identified goals.

Strategic Planning

  • Manage the task force’s 3–5-year goals, and strategic and sustainability plans ensuring all aspects of the work is led and managed by the appropriate person(s) and next steps and follow-ups occur in timely manner.
  • Ensure monetary compensation is available for youth that are part of the task force.
  • Make certain strategic plan, meeting agendas, and notes are shared with task force to help drive accountability and transparency

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